How to use Facebook Business Pages

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How to Use Facebook Pages

As we all know social media, especially Facebook, is proven to be a very valuable and influential communication tool in this technological era. As a great networking tool for the 21st century, millions around the world are utilising its immense features, whether it’s for personal or business reasons. Facebook fan pages are a necessary tool for today’s online marketer.

Here are 6 ways that businesses can use Facebook Business Pages:

A moving company business used a Free Quote landing page to entice Facebook users to enter their name, email and phone. The submission of this information then took the user to their web site to proceed with the 2nd step.  The email capture now allows you the opportunity to re-market to this individual.

2) Schedule and promote your event

Do you need people at your next fundraiser, concert, party or business event? Give away tickets and use Facebook ads on your target market to increase the attendance at your next event.  You can be geo specific, profile specific and market accordingly.
3) Advertise, Sell your product

Just be careful – no one like being sold to. Practice your approach and instead simply invite people to give your product or service a try. Try coupons and promotions for maximum results.

4) Grow a buzz. 

Are you launching a product? Have a store grand opening? Use a Facebook Business Fan Page to post updates about the countdown to the date and increase the buzz. Your goal is to get people talking and interested.  To get people talking off line and spreading the buzz on multiple social networks is the goal.

5) Entertain your audience. 

People want to have fun, they like to laugh and joke. If you make a customer laugh you win them over. They’ll remember you and you can proceed to building a relationship. Give thought to how you can do this in a clever way with your particular service or product.

6) Learn and Engage with your Fans. 

Fans like to voice their opinions. Bad companies ignore them while the best companies listen. Comments are free market research. Study the trends that you observe, if you notice that many people seem to complain about the same issue then take this issue up with the responsible parties. If the communication is closed loop in your social community you will miss a big opportunity to make a significant impact in your organization.

It is essential to use Facebook for business in today’s environment. Go to where the people are!


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