Gulaab Gang : Bollywood Movie Review and Trailer

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Poster of Gulaab Gang : Bollywood 
Through ‘Gulaab Gang’ movie directed by Anubhav Sinha picturize the lives of the today’s women and their fight to remained up to the individuals who are prepared holding up to pulverize them underneath the age old personality set.

It is a story of two woman enemies, played by Madhuri (Gulaab Gang leader) and Juhi (political leader). Madhuri accepts the defiling circumstance of ladies could be changed with ladies strengthening, Juhi accepts that a lady in force holds the way to up-liftment.

The group dependably wears pink shades sarees and works towards fighting the social foul play existing at current time in and around Bundelkhand (UP & MP).

Madhuri Dixit play the role of the Gulaab Gang’s fierce leader and stays in Bundelkhand with her supporters. She works with her activists towards admonishing social injustice towards women within community such as domestic violence and many others.

The leader as well as her supporters always carry laathis (bamboo sticks) as their weapon to punish abusive husbands. The second half shows the entry of Juhi Chawla, who played the character of shrewd politician.

Fear creeps in the heart of the politician having noticed the power of a woman in key role. Madhuri has come up with the fact that only power is the stick by which she can tame the ruthless men-in-power and society.

What else would be left for the people but to live in fear of so called women-gang and get off the dire consequences of it? Clever Juhi shakes hand with Madhuri and says to leave the gang. Let’s see what a mortal fusion like this generates on screen.

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Gulaab Gang Trailer