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Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015
In a time when it is really difficult to get a good job, finding a satisfying career path seems next to impossible. The problem is greater for recruiters as they end up hiring the wrong talent. 132Connect aspires to bridge this gap. In conversation with Kartik Sharma & Pavan, about their Ericsson Innovation Award winning startup, 132Connect.

- What is 132 Connect?
For engineering students: 132Connect is a platform to connect with career opportunities in the market place in a more efficient way. This is done by exposure of student to customized industry information and domain knowledge, helping them being industry ready.

For recruiters: 132Connect is a platform to effectively engage and identify employable talent who are currently non accessible.

- How did you come up with the idea and what is the problem statement that you are trying to solve? 
Both of us have engineering background and experience of working in well structured companies. However after feeling that learning has stagnated in those structures and currently visible jobs do not align with professional interests, we went on to attend series of entrepreneurship focused workshops. The idea of a platform arrived after interviewing students and seeking opinions from experts regarding the current status of higher education ecosystem. We are trying to address inefficiencies in this ecosystem that leads to low employ-ability of students and low visibility of employable students to recruiters.

132Connect finishes 3rd at Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015

- What makes 132 Connect different from other ventures in the same domain? 
Most of current ventures expose students to industry in a generic manner, while 132Connect focuses on matching mutual expectations of industry and a student first, and then exposing the student to industry information in a gradual and personalized manner. This will help a student identify career interests and develop industry relevant skills at the same time.

- How was your experience at Ericsson innovation Awards 2015 and what are your future plans? 
We got constructive feedback at Ericsson Innovation Awards and judging panel appreciated the business concept intermixed with recruiters and domain experts and a personalized approach for candidates who would use the platform. Additional to this, we had opportunity to interact with key personnel from HR department of Ericsson AB.

Getting business concept validated from top of the line professionals is always a motivation booster.

Currently, we aspire to finish the development of the platform and then run a pilot to further refine our business concept. Cash prize from the Ericsson Innovation Awards will help us bear the costs of this stage.

- What is your revenue generation model? 
Subscription plans for recruiters. Though it seems an obvious revenue generation model, a framework will be worked out after insights from the pilot project.

- Anything else you would like to say about your startup?
As Indian higher education ecosystem is experimenting with personalized learning methods. It will be our pleasure to connect with motivated individuals and groups who want to explore the usage of technology to customize learning experience for students.

- About Ericsson Innovation Awards 
Ericsson Innovation Award is an open competition for students all over the world. Take the chance to develop your idea into an innovation that has reached the market. Team Blendlee wins the EUR 25,000 first prize for their platform for self-development based on the concept of blended learning at the event. Taking home a top prize of EUR 25,000, the winners beat off strong competition from runners-up Pik-Do (USA), third-placed 132 CONNECT (India) and Bridge (Ukraine), who came in fourth place.

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