Create a Paperless Office: Reduce Paper Use and Increase Productivity

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Ask yourself — why has the concept of the paperless office received so much fanbase? For some, it brings the promise of helping to save the environment by killing fewer trees. I live in a city where plastic bags are banned in grocery stores, so I fully embrace the environmental benefits, but they really aren’t the primary driver behind the paperless office. Rather, it’s because organizations are constantly facing pressure to improve efficiencies, optimize business processes, and reduce costs.

When many organizations first began to transition from paper to electronic documents in the 1980’s, there was an initial reduction in the amount of physical paper used, but the truth is that we use more paper today than during the days of the Pet Rock. Consider these statistics:

  • - Each day, one billion photocopies are made (Source: Forrester Research)
  • - The annual growth rate for the amount of paper produced by the average company is 25%. (Source: Gartner)

We finally have the technology to create a paperless office - at this point it's a matter of embracing the new technology and providing training and encouragement for new business practices. This will save money and time, improve the security of documents and increase customer satisfaction.

DigiDocs - Go Paperless Office
As Businesses are evolving, the demand for document management solutions accelerates, developing from the need for more accessibility to information. Enterprises capable of delivering cost and time effective solutions thereby will emerge as the survivors of the race. DigiDocs based on the concept of EARTH- Eco-friendly Application of Resources and Technology for Humans, facilitates the entire replacement of traditional paper documents and files in offices.

Retrieving information and data is one of the most imperative parts of any process operation. This involves facets such as time, accuracy as well as integrity of records and information, affecting the whole process in terms of resource, labour and money. DigiDocs is built on Google’s Tesseract technology, which possesses superior OCR tool and image detection capabilities .With its Linux core and PHP front end, DigiDocs has no perimeter in its scalability and customization. These features synergize effectiveness and efficiency of supporting services across organizations, thereby providing extensive tools and techniques for data retrieval too.

Speaking about the evolution of the concept, Pratik Jhaveri, CEO- Ksmart group said, "Back in 2003-2004, the US government came out with a law for all the hospitals and medical entities to keep only electronic medical records for their patients. With this there was a demand for digitization for storage of documents. Looking at this demand we developed the software that could store any medical paperwork and retrieve them according to the doctor or the patient while decreasing the human intervention significantly during the scanning or the entry process. Hence, DigiDocs evolved.”

Key features-DigiDocs:

  • Saves Money: With an unlimited OCR tool, the need to pay per page is now redundant.
  • Saves Time: The exclusive auto-categorization will replace the manual effort of sorting the documents, thereby saving time considerably.
  • Saves Space: Reclaim the space used to store physical documents.
  • Multiple Document Support: Manage all types and formats of documents
  • Easy Access: Access documents from any machine on the LAN or from anywhere in the world via the internet and Smart Phones
  • User Friendly: Single mechanism to manage both, electronic and paper documents
  • Security: With Features like Access Control, Version Control, Print Control, documents are always safe and remain confidential and cannot be tampered
  • Advanced Search Capability: Comprehensive search capabilities, including quick search, advanced search and full text search with mouse over thumbnail allows easy identification of documents
  • Multi User Support: Multi-user capabilities enable many users on network to access, store and share documents for faster turnaround and help increase productivity

“With the launch of DigiDocs, we look forward to redefine the functioning of end to end processes in organizations. Further customization that we offer along with our solution to match client requirements could possibly bring about transformation in transactional processing, thereby enhancing overall scalability and efficiency in organizations”, added Monika Jhaveri, CMO, KSmart Group.


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