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Govt grants 100 per cent FDI in Online E-commerce Market place

FDI in Ecommerce
In a move that is required to help Foreign Investments in the e-commerce space, the government on Tuesday elucidated its position on foreign investment in e-commerce and allowed 100 per cent FDI in the marketplace configuration of e-commerce retailing under the automatic course. 

While FDI has not been allowed in stock based model of e-commerce, the government extended the meaning of marketplace to incorporate bolster administrations to sellers as for warehousing, logistics, order satisfaction, call center, payment accumulation and different administrations. 

In spite of the fact that the elucidation comes without clear FDI guidelines on different online retail models, the online marketplaces in India have as of now seen substantial outside ventures by a few worldwide players, (for example, Amazon) and into homegrown players, (for example, Flipkart and Snapdeal) who are working in the space. 

To bring clarity, the DIPP has additionally turned out with the meaning of 'e-commerce', 'stock based model' and 'marketplace model'. 

Marketplace model of e-commerce implies giving of an IT stage by an e-commerce element on a digital and electronic system to go about as a facilitator in the middle of buyer and seller. 

The stock based model of e-commerce implies an e-commerce movement where stock of merchandise and administrations is possessed by e-commerce element and is sold to shoppers specifically, as indicated by the guidelines. 

A marketplace substance will be allowed to go into exchanges with sellers enlisted on its stage on business-to-business premise, DIPP said. 

It said that an e-commerce firm, notwithstanding, won't be allowed to offer more than 25% of the deals influenced through its marketplace from one vendor or their gathering companies. 

"So as to give clarity to the surviving strategy, guidelines for FDI on e-commerce part have been planned," DIPP said. 

The government has as of now permitted 100% FDI in business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce.

SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce : Wordfence

Wordpress Woocommerce Vulnerability

Yesterday Matt Barry, researchers at Wordfence discovered a SQL injection vulnerability in WooCommerce version 2.3.5 and more established amid a code review of the plugin storehouse. WooCommerce is introduced on more than 1 million active WordPress websites.

Wordfence has quickly reached Woo about the issue and they've been unimaginably responsive, discharging a fix early today with their arrival of WooCommerce version 2.3.6.

We emphatically recommend you instantly upgrade on the off chance that you have not as of now.

The particular issue is a SQL injection weakness in the administrator board. Inside the Tax Settings page of WooCommerce, the key of the "tax_rate_country" POST parameter is passed unescaped into a SQL insert articulation. For instance, a payload of tax_rate_country[(SELECT SLEEP(10))] would result in the MySQL server to rest for 10 seconds.

Since this helplessness requires either a Shop Manager or Admin client account, it would need to be consolidated with a XSS attack so as to be misused.

What to do: Upgrade promptly to version 2.3.6 of WooCommerce which contains the fix.

Thanks to the WooThemes team for instantly tending to the issue and pushing the fix inside a couple of HOURS of accepting the report.

If you don't mind make sure to tweet, FB or email as expected to help spread the saying to your kindred WordPress site admins.

Why Big Data is a must in Ecommerce Industry

Big Data and ECommerce
Imagine that Big Data is only one more advertised idea in tech? Reconsider. The buzz encompassing Big Data is a long way from being outlandish. Not just does it permit merchants to addition deeper insights into customer behavior and industry trends, yet it likewise gives them a chance to settle on more accurate decisions to improve pretty much every part of the business, from marketing and advertising, to merchandising, operations, and considerably customer retention.

The following are a couple of more focuses that deeper clarify the effects of Big Data in the ecommerce realm. From enhancing customer experience to creating better products or marketing campaigns, its no doubt that Big Data is the following big thing for online businesses.

More Organized Data

The biggest test for most ecommerce businesses is to collect, store and organize data from numerous data sources. There's unquestionably a considerable measure of data holding up to be examined and it is an overwhelming task for some E-trade businesses to comprehend everything. Big Data makes ready for more organized data and empowers business managers or marketing managers to track and better comprehend a mixed bag of information from numerous distinctive sources (i.e. stock administration framework, CRM, Adword/ Adsense examination, email administration supplier insights, and so on.).

Data-Driven Decisions

Maybe the most capable effect that Big Data has on businesses is that it allows merchants to settle on more educated decisions. Since these decisions are focused around data insights, rather than minor hunches or fragmented information, business managers can take the speculating out of these decisions and anticipate unnecessary using, extravagant trials, or even oversights.

For example, a customer of our own who is in the business of offering bidets leveraged our answer and found that his customers are not as social media smart as he thought they were. Our findings showed that email and telephone calls were his best marketing channels. Thus, he found himself able to make a data-driven decision and centered his marketing efforts on running email campaigns and offers, rather than indiscriminately contributing his financial plan on social network advertisements.

Customized Offers

Big Data likewise lets ecommerce businesses make more customized offers and communications. Big Data empowers merchants to track each client's behavior and put two and two together to focus the best approaches to change over one-time customers into rehash purchasers.

A decent case of this originates from another of our customers, The online store collected various customer data, including skimming patters, login tallies, past buys and then some. then utilized that information to make 5 separate offers, to be specific free sending, 5% off, 10% off, 15% off, and $30 off new products. Each of their customers received a separately customized offer, which is controlled by our Customer Profiling Engine to be more important to their inclination and past behavior.

Subsequently, Bikeberry's sales saw an increment of 133% and client on location engagement expanded by ~200%. Likewise, was additionally ready to spare more cash by not offering rebates that are so big it would be impossible customers who didn't require an enormous motivator to change over.

Introducing Twitter Offers : Share Coupons, Deals and Discount in Tweets

Twitter Offers
Twitter is presenting another service called Twitter Offers, which will allow companies to share in-store and online deals/coupons and discounts right from a tweet. The deals will show up in advanced tweets, and anybody on Twitter will simply need to click a button to claim them. The service will begin in US, and if the Visa is now stored on Twitter, the deal will get connected with the card and will naturally be recovered once its utilized to purchase.

The new service is an approach to offer deals, which will help different companies. The ones that depend on in-store traffic will have the capacity to offer deals on Twitter and let individuals effortlessly claim them for later use in stores. The employments of these deals will be tracked, which implies companies will know whether they're effective or not. Furthermore in the event that they are effective then this could turn into a solid notice offering for Twitter on its proceeded with way towards profits.according to organization's blog entry, they will with modest bunch of brands to at first test this new peculiarity amid the holidays in United States.

Be that as it may, the drawback of these offers is that they aren't initiated promptly upon purchase. Twitter says that the discounts will be connected to a card statement a few days after the purchase is made, which may make purchasers a bit vigilant as they hold up to see whether the offer was effectively recovered or not.

This is the most recent way that twitter is bringing commerce to its stage. Back in later past, Twitter allowed companies to place purchase buttons within tweets so that individuals could purchase straight from their food.

How Twitter Offers works - DP2Web

In an alternate late news, Twitter is demonstrating analytics inside your tweets, so you can see whether your tweets are great or acclaimed. According to the news from The Verge, those included in the trial see a 'perspective analytics subtle elements' button inside tweets on the portable application. At the point when tapped, you're demonstrated aggregate impressions, engagement rate and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Initially accessible to promoting accomplices, Twitter Analytics stage is currently open to people in general also. "View Analytics Details," which shows up underneath individual tweets, opens a view that reveals to you impressions and engagement rates regarding what number of individuals have seen and clicked the tweet, fundamentally.

India to have 10 crores Online Shoppers by 2016: Google Report

India Online Shopping - Ecommerce Boom
As per Google's annual online shopping growth trends report discharged on Thrusday, done in a cooperation with Forrester Research, India will have 100 million online shoppers including 40 million women, by 2016. The quantity of online shoppers was 8 million in 2012 and is 35 million not long from now. This implies there will be a growth component of 12x somewhere around 2012 and 2016.

Mobile is driving this growth in e-trade and India is required to cross 300 million internet clients by end of the year. Rajan Anandan VP and MD, Google India said, " Mobile is driving most if not all the growth on the Internet. All the huge markets like China and the US, created as Desktop markets, however India is consistently created as an issue market." 

The review secured 6589 respondents covering 50 urban areas including tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 urban communities. The growth in nearing year will originate from Tier 1 as 71 percent respondents in this section will purchase in the following 12-year and a half. In Tier 1, women outspend men by two times. Furthermore, 1 in 4 women will be shopping by means of their mobile devices.

As indicated by Google officially 1 out of 3 individuals in tier 1 and tier 2 urban communities are executing online by means of their mobile devices and in Tier 3 urban areas as a large portion of the transactions happen through mobile devices. What's more, shopping queries has grown from 24 percent in 2012 to 57 percent in 2014.

By 2016, Indian e business could have retail revenues of Usd15 billion. Nitin Bawankule, Google India's industry executive for e-business, nearby, and characterized said, "The shopper certainty to shop online has grown fundamentally in the most recent year and a half. "

Google Online Shopping Growth Trends Report 2014
Around 65 per cent individuals purchase online because of accommodation, 64 per cent purchase on account of the variety, and 60 per cent purchase to enhance social status. The report incorporates that hardware is a well known fragment now and classifications like Skin Care, Baby Care, and Home furniture are becoming quickly. 

The report additionally found that 62 percent individuals who shopped online have not been fulfilled by their shopping experience. A large portion of the grievances originated from Tire 2 down urban areas bounced from 58 percent in Tier 1 to 70 percent to Tier 2 urban communities. 67 percent individuals likewise highlighted that returning purchased item was entangled and costly.

Google has turned out with this report without a moment to spare for the Great Online Shopping Festival 2014, which is planned from tenth to twelfth December in the not so distant future. Consistently online organizations take part in GOSF, and run offers to pull in the shoppers in the nation. In spite of the fact that it has ended up being a frustration for a few online shoppers, it is to be perceived how Google will oversee it in the not so distant future. 

What do you think is the main reason behind this boom? Government policy? Internet Penetration? Boom in E-commerce? Consumer Awareness? Like our article and share your views with us.

Reliance Retail Launches Online Grocery Store

Reliance Fresh Logo
Reliancefreshdirect to deliver grocery products in a few neighborhoods of Mumbai.

The site is expected to offer fruits & vegetables, dairy products, basic supplies, bundled food, Drinks, confectionery items, Household and personal care products to the residents of Navi Mumbai, South Mumbai and parts of Thane.

According to a Medianama report, Reliance Retail had completed a pilot project at the Reliance Corporate Park office in Navi Mumbai where around 10,000 employees profited its offices through the website. To utilize the service, clients need to first register on the website then organization delivers the products to them either from the closest Reliance Store or by means of its other appropriation channels.

The website likewise have a 'My List' feature to spare a personal list of products and deliveries are free for requests above INR 750. Dependence Fresh Direct  offers installment choices both online (Credit/Debit cards/Net Banking) and logged off (Cod). Concerning the return, trade and discount strategy, as of now it has a "no inquiries asked return approach" and sum is discounted by means of credit, store credit account, or through the installment system utilized by the client. The organization does not make any money discounts. Alternate points of interest like when it will broaden its services to different urban areas crosswise over India, are still undisclosed.

Reliance Fresh Direct Now Open

Watch India's fascinating retail market LIVE [Infographic]

Indians spend over INR 30,000 every second, with more money heading off to the offline organizations than to online organizations every minute.

The infographic underneath underlines how and where the Indians spend their cash and how rapidly these numbers grow.

Concerning online business Flipkart, the aggregate number of every day deals is shockingly high: around 1.4% of the money used online goes to Flipkart. The graph additionally demonstrates a high number of online guests the online shopping store has for every day. Additionally the quantity of revenues Bollywood every day produces is immense.

Regardless of the way that there have been a few reports about online credit card fraud in India, the infographic reflects that individuals still make utilization of their credit cards.

As showed, individuals in India want to drink Coca-Cola over Coffee, yet Tea is still the most loved refreshment contrasted with them. On the negative side, the infographic shows that on every 6 jars of coke there comes 1 container of brewskie.


Flipkart closing its Payment Gateway PayZippy; Invests in Ngpay

Flipkart closes Payzippy invests in NgpayIndian e-commerce website, Flipkart is closing down its payment gateway business Payzippy, as it neglected to perform as per the organization's desires, says a report from Livemint,. The online retailer has propelled this different firm Flipkart Payment Gateway Services (FPGS) Pvt Ltd a year prior to give payment answers for traders. Flipkart launched PayZippy in July last year to compete with services such as CCAvenue and Paytm.

Additionally, Flipkart has made a "strategic speculation" in Ngpay (Jigrahak Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd), a payment administration and a commercial center that presented mobile payments in India.

Ngpay seems to have a reasonably far reaching versatile application based marketplace, offering ticketing from IRCTC, numerous bus travel services, flight tickets, apart from recharging and top-ups, cinemas and event tickets. Payments are permitted through Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and American Express. I simply needed ngpay, and was informed that I'm its 3,850,027th client. It had raised $2.2 million from Helion Venture Partners in 2006.

A Flipkart representative additionally said in an email proclamation to Medianama that, "Payments is center to Flipkart and we see this association offering ascent to the biggest portable payments mark in India. While we eliminate our own particular payments item, Payzippy, nothing changes for our clients, who will keep on appreciating all the profits of a sheltered and secure payment framework through"

As of now, Payzippy's website is still live and other e-commerce organizations like Babyoye, Bluestone, Lenskart, Makemytrip, Yepme, Zansaar and so on are utilizing its administrations. The definite date for the closure of the administrations isn't unveiled.

Flipkart had additionally attempted to make Payzippy wallet work. While the payment gateway was a B2b item, the wallet was intended to be purchaser confronting, and will presumably run down with the gateway too.

OpenCart : Open-source PHP based E-Commerce Platform

Opencart is an online asset that was manufactured to make life simpler for shippers and clients to connect. Situated in an Open nature's domain, this shopping truck result offers you to capacity to have your business be web search tool amicable with a client interface that is inviting and welcoming. In case you're an online retailer, you'll likely need shopping usefulness on your website, and Opencart is one choice to help you and your clients finish the shopping assignments effortlessly. Whether you are a little block and-morter boutique in Darien, CT, a drop-shipper working out of your storm cellar, or an expansive ecommerce shoe vender in New Haven, Opencart can satisfy your online deals needs.

Profits that originate from utilizing Opencart:

Plugins. The Opencart framework offers you a wide assortment of plugins. The freshest release of the free form offers you around 1,500 plugins, which helps you redo your website to help your business and your clients' necessities also.

Support. The Opencart group is really significant. You'll have entry to specialized support for those sticky inquiries that you simply can't get replied. There are group gatherings where individual Opencart clients and some talented programmers are constantly joyful to provide for you include, also. Discovered a bug? There is a snappy and simple approach to report it on the Opencart website so you can submit a ticket and return to whatever you were doing presently.

Script. The script structural planning for Opencart is situated in a well known program called MVC (Model-View-Controller). Due to the popularity of this script establishment, there are a lot of people out in the internet that are acquainted with this script, which provides for you ideal access to help when required. This script is additionally XHTML consistent.

OpenCart Logo
Server Resources. Since Opencart doesn't essentially have as numerous implicit gimmicks as some of its rivals, it is far less strenuous on the server frameworks that power it. Including simply a couple of plugins shouldn't influence the speed and efficiency of your Opencart website much whatsoever. Adding huge amounts of plugins to your site could, in the end, weigh on the speed and efficiency that you and your client's experience, yet having simply a couple of essential peculiarities makes the utilization of Opencart speedy and simple.

Dashboard. Opencart's administration is especially simple for new clients to get it. The admin board is flawless, clear, and straightforward and oversee. For amateurs, these are immensely critical variables to getting your shopping truck site up and running. The easy to use nature of this program stretches out from the admin dashboard to the knowledge of your purchasers.

Cost. Because of the Open Source stage from which this program was conceived, you can download and use Opencart free of charge. For most little business online stores, the beginning out-of-the-crate variant will work fine and dandy, and that form will cost you nothing! Additional items and plugins that you'll presumably need to add to make your site its special accompanied an insignificant fee for the vast majority of the modifiers.

Why should you consider OpenCart?

It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and we provide lifetime free support and free software updates.
  • Open Source
  • Documentation
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Manufacturers
  • Templatable
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Ratings
  • Downloadable Products
  • PCI Compliant
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Multiple Tax Rates
  • Related Products
  • Unlimited Information Pages
  • Shipping Weight Calculation
  • Discount Coupon System
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Unlimited Module Instance System
  • Backup & Restore Tools
  • Printable Invoices
  • Sales Reports
  • Error Logging

Important Links:
Click here to Download OpenCart
Click here to see Live demo of OpenCart
Click here to see Documentation of Opencart

Are you shoping from Safe online shop?

There are numerous e-shops and online showcases on the web. Some have an immaculate notoriety, some don't. Occasionally there is a feature in the papers about "an alternate false site" emulated by theory of what amount of cash was really stolen. How would you screen the great shops from the awful ones? Gave us a chance to begin with a couple of tips: 

You can for the most part trust 

  •  Well-known and since a long time ago secured online shops 
  •  Shops your companions suggest to you, taking into account their experience 
  •  Shops with expert looking sites and working client underpin 

Be watchful when 

  •  A shop offers merchandise too shabby – for instance another iphone for $20 
  •  Websites with restricted purpose and mistakes 
  •  A shop had in some irregular nation – weigh the area name in the location bar 


  •  Respond to offers sent through spam 
  •  Initiate shopping when you get the alert from avast! Antivirus, or the web-browser for that e-shop 

Notoriety administrations 

By the side of the aforementioned tips you can utilize some swarm sourced notoriety administration where individuals going by that shop can make a choice about their experience. This could be exceptionally functional. Having a great deal of positive sentiment is an exceptional sign you can believe the shop being referred to. Blended, negative criticism indicate potential inconveniences. The point when there is restricted or even no criticism whatsoever, it implies the shop is just out of the plastic new or not generally utilized. When you go over a shop as that, be exceptionally mindful – the greater part of the deceitful networks have a short lifespan. 

There are two notoriety administrations I can suggest you. The main is our avast! Online Security browser plugin which is a part of avast! establishment. The second broadly utilized and dependable is Web Of Trust. 

Talking about the notoriety, I have one cautioning for you. The notoriety a few shops introduce about themselves can effectively be a result of fabrication. When you visit a deceitful site, it will presumably be stuffed by fake positive audits to draw more victimized people. Trust the notoriety and references from companions or autonomous sources. 

Step by step instructions to pay 

The point when utilizing a more diminutive online shop, unlike the well-known huge ones, it is by and large a great thought to not give your Visa parts straightforwardly, however to utilize some installment administration, for example Paypal. Thusly you can pay for the merchandise or administration without uncovering your significant data. An alternate alternative is a pay-on-conveyance administration. I might be directly exceptionally hesitant to believe my Visa to a shop I have seen without precedent in my existence. In the event that such a shop acknowledges just specifically entered charge cards, I might rather go purchase some place else. 


There are numerous dangers lying in hold up for web clients.  Stay ensured with avast / avg Antivirus (I personally use these two antivirus) and if its not too much trouble be careful about where you direct online transactions. One last thing – if its not too much trouble offer these tips; the themes talked over in these two articles are still new for numerous individuals, and you absolutely would prefer not to see your companions or relatives succumbing to cybercrooks. 

Enjoy the upcoming shopping season!

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