Why not to use Purchased Lists

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When you are targetting a large number of users for advertising your product through email marketing, there are several ways in which you can generate your database for targeting users for these campaigns: 

1. By having individuals "opt in" i.e. voluntarily agreed to accept messages from you; they ordinarily do this when they realize that what you send will be of some value to them via your emails. 

2. An enticing choice from 'record advertisers' the place you "purchase" a cluster of email addresses for a value that is regularly so low to be not even deserving of notice. 

The second option often produces results that range from unsuccessful to disastrous. Why so?

The list is not exclusive to you
The list that you are buying has been extremely likely bought by many others; this means that the email addresses in the list would have already received many unsolicited emails. Such recipients are many times more likely to tag any new unsolicited email as Spam; and in doing so prompt ISP's to shut down delivery of emails from your email address/domain/IP address/server. 

Opted-In to what?
Do not be fooled when a list marketer touts a list as an "opted-in" list. It may be true that users may have opted in to receive emails from the source that originally collected the email addresses. It does not mean they have consented to receive emails from the hundreds of others who purchase these lists from the original source.

Don't get trapped
Many of these lists include, unwittingly, email addresses that are called 'honey-pots' or 'spam-traps'. These are email addresses owned by organizations that watch out for Spam and are used exclusively to black-list senders. If you send an email to one of these addresses, you are trapped in their blacklist, leading to eventual rejection from ISP's to deliver your mail to any of their users.

Your reputation goes for a toss
You can take it as guaranteed that any time you use purchased lists to send out email campaigns, your IP reputation and future delivery of emails - to even your genuine customers/subscribers - are going to take a hit, for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Stay way from purchasing lists for your email campaigns. It solves you a lot of unnecessary problems that can potentially destroy your online business or reputation over time.


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