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Email Marketing Tips - Online Marketing | Newsletter | Mass Mailing | Lead Generation - DP2WebIt should be fairly obvious that the subject line of your marketing email is sort of the gatekeeper to the actual message - unless the recipients like the subject line and are interested in it, they are unlikely to open and read the email.

How do you make the subject line interesting for better Marketing campaign?
Opt for Clarity
Try to convey the summary of your message as clearly as possible in the subject line. Re-read the subject line in the shoes of a recipient and refine it - what is apparent to you, since you wrote the message, may be as apparent to the recipient, since they have not even seen the message yet.
Be Brief
You are trying to catch the attention of the user in the few seconds in which they are scanning their Inbox, so keep the subject line short enough - 50 characters is normally good. An additional reason to keep it short is that many email programs truncate long subject lines anyway.

Target the Actual Recipient
If you have understood your customer preferences, you should make use of it to make your message interesting to them. For example, for a marketing mail from a real estate agent, a subject line like "View a 2 BR apartment in White Plains" will be of immediate interest to the recipients in the White Fields area. Use Interactive's targeted mailing feature to send a different subject line to different such segments of your mailing list, for the same mailing.
Avoid 'Spammy' Words
Your message should get through the anti-spam filters of ISP's before it reaches the inbox of recipients. Avoid words that could get you trapped in these filters; "free", "win", "limited time" etc are all words that are better avoided. Also do not use all-capital words, multiple exclamations etc. Use the Spam Check function in the Interactive tool to review your content and subject line..

If you have taken care of your subject line that is almost like half the job done with regard to the message you are sending out, so pay close attention to it. 


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