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For many web masters , to increase website rankings in Google's much easier 3-4 years ago. There are many SEO tricks or techniques that are commonly used for the website or web page on the first page of Google search engine quickly. Trick or SEO techniques worked so great as to change the rules in Google's search algorithm, the algorithm starts with  the Google Panda in February 2011, and was followed by the algorithm Google Penguin in April 2012. 

So, what do you think is the basis of SEO that are used today, both post-post-Panda and Penguin? This post will cover some of the old methods of SEO that is popular in his time, as well as what you need to know to be successful with SEO that you can apply today. Jadul 

Some SEO Tricks:  

A. Paid Blog Network : Remember 2-3 years before this method was booming, with this SEO trick many bloggers who benefit from paid blog network (paid blog network),  because the search backlinks using SEO methods is willing to pay the price to make their website link embedded The popular blogger website or berpage high rank, in the hope that their website rise in the search engine Google. But along with the changes in Google's search engine algorithm, finally taking action to kill or prevent the effectiveness of ranking manipulation  backlinks in the search engines with this method.
In March 2012, Google took action against a paid blog networks, with the elimination of some of the major networks from the Google search index. At that time, a backlink on a paid blog network suddenly becomes meaningless, and as a result of this new algorithm, some websites lost thousands of backlinks overnight and make them fall in ranking websites in Google search engine. 
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B. Link Spam Spam Links, or spamdexing, is characterized as connections between pages that are available for explanations other than legitimacy. Link spam exploits connection based ranking algos, which gives websites higher rankings the more other quite stacked up websites connection to it. These systems likewise point at affecting other connection based standing methods, for example, the Hits algorithm.. There are several different methods that are used, but all of them tend to use techniques black hat SEO. 
Some examples of these are: - Spin content is the method usually used to create backlinks with content or article take a unique and changing certain words, sentences, and even paragraphs, to create a new version of the article. By rewriting existing content and replace elements in it, so that spin articles or content into something new and unique. Generally, this technique uses a combination of techniques AGC ( Auto Blog Conten t) so that automatically generated content to publish on a regular basis. methods were used extensively by the black-hat SEO for many years. Unfortunately, many users spin content that does not pay attention to good grammar so that content created using this method have irregular grammar and in most cases a lot of articles that can not be understood. 

Since then I realize this is a serious problem in manipulating their rankings in search engines, and ultimately the new Google algorithms incorporate grammar as a parameter in their search engine. - Link Wheel is one of the SEO techniques that use link rotates in the direction of a website that destination in hopes of manipulating the popularity of the website in search engines. Users techniques SEO link wheel link typically use a mix of both inside and outside, which aim to direct their links on a single page. 

Google is getting more proficient every day to recognize schemes wheel link and enter these parameters into their new algorithm. - Automatic Blog Commenting is a favorite technique of black hat SEO because this technique basically lazy webmasters make the comment and deliberately inserting links in comments directed to website on the go. Some tools or software appeared on the market to help webmasters get links quickly in large quantities, but the resulting low-quality links. The problem is this comment is a comment that is not weighted and normally does not provide benefits for talks even comments that produced not connect with the talks. 

Google began strictly on the quality of these links, and did in fact Google has downgraded the ratings of sites that have a lot of rubbish comments. On this basis many blog followers do follow impose moderation on the comments entered. 

Facts Google Panda Algorithm: Google Panda was first introduced in February 2011. The goal is to eliminate low-quality websites and websites with bad content or duplicate content from Google's search index. Google Panda has affected about 12% of search engine results. Google Panda is designed to combat copyright infringement issues and reduce the websites that get high rankings without original content. Google Panda algorithm has received many updates since it was originally launched, and Google continues to refine the algorithm. 

Facts Google Penguin Algorithm: Google Penguin released on April 24, 2012. While Google Panda is designed to remove the websites that have bad or duplicate content from the search index, while Google Penguin is targeting websites that have achieved rankings in search engines using link manipulation techniques. Google has said that Google algorithm Ppenguin affects 3.1% of websites in English and about 3% in other languages. Penguin 1.1 was introduced on May 25, 2012, Penguin 3, introduced on October 5, 2012. seems that Google continues to refine their search engine algorithms, and obviously very little doubt that the old SEO techniques can be reused to increase the ranking in search engines. What you are still using the old school SEO techniques? 
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Note: Now Google Panda and Penguin has released, the Google search engine ranking will never be the same from time to time. SEO techniques can not be relied upon long again in the future. However, some methods may still work, but we need to realize that Google also continues to update their search engine algorithms. 

Tip: There are some tips that you can use in building quality links you need without having to worry about the google panda algorithm and penguins: 

a. Guest Post : Guest posting can be used to get traffic and quality links from popular websites that provide features and guest posts. difficulty with this method is that you have to think hard to create quality content and beneficial to the loyal readers of the website. However many times you use this method, you can increase the popularity of the personal and of course increase traffic and popularity of your website. 
b. Social Media : Social media can also be a means of increasing the popularity of our website by using the popularity of social media. The difficulty in the beginning was to build networks and trust between users on social media networks and creative ideas that can attract the number of users of other social media to your social media accounts. But once you've built a social media network, will cause a tremendous impact on traffic and popularity of your website. 
c. Original Content : Be yourself, by writing quality content or articles on your own website, the difficulty is that you have to find new ideas every day that will be showcased in the article on your website with the purpose of adding the number of visitors to your website with hopes The visitors become loyal to continue to visit your website on daily basis, and be a resource for your visitors will enter your website link on their website. 


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