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What is Bounce Rate?

In Web analytics, incorporating Google Analytics, website bounce rate is the estimation in rate of what number of Web webpage visitors see stand out page inside your Web website – this is the one page they entered the webpage on (called the door page or presentation page). These visitors see just that solitary page and passageway the site on that same page. A high bounce rate normally shows that the greeting page isn't pertinent to your guest or you are not offering any motivator for the guest to investigate different ranges and pages of your site. 

My website had a bounce rate of in the ballpark of 80%. After a few thorough testing, trialing and taking in I've figured out how to bring down my bounce rate. It's not mystery; I'll demonstrate to you how its carried out. 

In this post you'll be taking in all the tips and traps that helped me to bring down my bounce rate. You don't have to use a really long time investigating (lucky you): all the data you need is here. Enough of my gab - how about we go! 

One of the most ideal courses  to bring down your bounce rate is to incorporate related content at the closure of your posts. Here's a rundown of the most prominent related content Wordpress plugins: 

Nreate - My most loved of the three, its easy to add to your online journal, it has truly a couple of characteristics and even a custom area to match the look of your webpage. 

Linkwithin – If you're looking for a moderate look, then Linkwithin will be only ideal for your site. 

Outbrain – The most mainstream of the three, bragging clients CNN, Fast Company and Time to name a couple. Outbrain does have some cool dissection about clicks on your related content, and it is completely customizable. 
Reducing Website Bounce Rate

What's your site about? 

The point when another guest goes to your site they may as well know very nearly instantly what your site is about and how it will profit them. Why's this imperative? Individuals have less and less time these days and assuming that they can't effectively resolve what your site is about then they'll take off. On my site I characteristic what my online journal's subject is under my logo; likewise in the widgets segment, I enlighten my new visitors a touch of concerning me and how my website will bail them out. 

Who are you? 

Make an about page. This page is vital for any site. The page may as well go into bunches of insight about your business right from the exact begin to where it is presently. You can incorporate data about yourself and other allies on this page or on an alternate, its dependent upon you. 

Make it simple to impart things 

Consistent with business2community, actualizing social imparting binds will bring down your bounce rate by 1% relying upon your crowd. Despite the fact that 1% is little its still exceptionally noteworthy to keeping your visitors on your site/blog. Imparting binds help your followers to impart and propose your administrations to their companions, so its basic to introduce them. Beneath's a rundown of the most mainstream offering plugins:Addthis, Sharethis, Sociable, Shareoholic, Insitebar, Digg.

Give your followers the force of free speech 

Everybody has a notion on something if its the War in Libya or what your companions wearing. Assuming that your followers aren't even give the decision of voicing their assessment then they'll only move to a site that does. There are a lot of people free commenting plugins out there. Disqus and Livefrye are the two best. 


If you run a web journal or corporate business bounce rate is a critical number to be taking a gander at. Keeping your guests on your site longer will build the probability of additional bargains or subscribers. 

What have you done to reduce your bounce rate? Share your tips by leaving a comment beneath!


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