Choose Skirts Based On Your Body Type

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 Choose Skirts Based On Your Body Type
Skirts can provide women a striking, feminine appeal if they are worn correctly. Many ladies believe that skirts can only be donned by lean women having an hourglass figure. Though, this is not true, because there are various styles of  this garment available to compliment any specific body type. 

Body TypeWhat to Wear
Heavy BottomSkirts actually flatter this figure just like saris. Wear conical skirts like the A-line and hide the bulky abdomen.
Curvy FigureHour glass shaped ladies can wear anything. Dare to go for tighter skirts that show off the body.
Flat BottomFlat bottomed women can wear tighter skirts to make their abdomen appear bigger. Scrunched  skirts also give the appearance of size. Don't go for the A-line or fishtail as they will make the bottom look planer and flat.
Bulgy StomachFemales with larger stomachs can go for tapered skirts without waistbands. Avoid something tight around the waistline.
Heavy TopThey should add volume to the lower half of the body to form a balanced look. Everything that adds quantity to the bottom half of the body will aid. Bubble skirts or anything which scrunches up at the waistline will be pretty.
Short FigureShort and Petite women should not wear longer skirts .Shorter, knee length, slimmer and a little tapered skirts will give the appearance of height.
Tall FigureTaller women should pick longer skirts to put long legs out of sight and make the figure look well proportioned.
Non-CurvyNon-curvy women should wear the same skirts as bustier women. Those without curves can create them by choosing skirts that are shorter and fuller

# Tip : When you select skirts, make sure to pick some neutral colors in order to get them mixed and matched with many other apparel items. Colorful or patterned skirts are fun while they cannot be worn quite often.


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