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Best Android Launcher
Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on staring at the same old icons on your Android Phone home screen? Take a stab at installing new custom Android launchers to have a superior experience of your Smartphone. A decent launcher can give your phone an aggregate makeover, from changing the look and feel with changed icons and themes, to including new usefulness, for example, keen folders and assistive search. A Good launcher can make your old phone looks great while utilizing. A launcher let you customize your phone home screen and widgets + icons and folders. Launcher topic changes your experience of utilizing your android phone + tablet.

Here are Top 5 best Android Launchers

1. Google now launcher

You can utilize the Google Now Launcher application to get to Google Now and utilize your voice from any Home screen on Android 4.1+ gadgets. To utilize the launcher on your gadget first downlad application from google play store. Google Now is an interface that obliges zero exertion, zero additional customization. On the other hand, that may imply that some of you more exceptional Android clients may favor a portion of alternate launchers we discuss here. It doesn't provide for you additional customization, and doesn't let you apply additional themes to change the look of the framework. With Google Now Launcher, you can open Google Now by swiping to the leftmost screen.

Best peculiarity of Google now is Voice search like siri – SAY OK Google you can give voice summons to your to do message, dial contact, open contacts, make calls, open applications + games and schedule meetings and dates. Get more details

2. Themer launcher

Themer is a launcher with free themes that incorporate High definition wallpapers, clean symbol packs, and sharp widgets to suit your inclination or considering. All themes are completely customizable, and you can utilize them as they are or as you need. To utilize themer launcher themes you don't host to introduce third get-together applications, all that you need is as of now included in each one subject. All themes of Themer launcher are completely free. Themer engineer's week after week or month to month adds 10 to 15 themes. In Themer there are more than 500 premium themes accessible with classifications like: Card UI, Nature, Space, Minimal, and a lot of people more. Themer launcher is controlled by Zooper Widget. Themer Receives progressed data about your battery, climate, and framework and all the more specifically on your home screen without any setup.

Best features of themer launcher are smart icons, installed music player, climate application and utilization of Gestures. Get Themer Launcher now.

Themer: Android Launcher, HD Wallpaper

3. Aviate Launcher

Aviate is a prevalent launcher obtained by Yahoo prior in its improvement, and through a short shut beta, its turned into an extremely develop alternative for those searching for a cleaned general Android experience. Yippee fly is least difficult, secure and shrewd launcher. Yippee Aviate is the launcher that will take your phone to the following level. Gone are the times of a jumbled and exhausting stock Android phone. Yippee Aviate consequently composes your applications and demonstrates to you the data you require. Fly will tell you movement conditions amid your morning drive.

Best features of Yahoo Aviate are wise datebook features at work, music applications and widgets when you connect to your headphones – in addition to your most-utilized applications are on your core screen so you never need to chase for them again. Get Aviate, Get Wow.  

Try it free. Aviate, An intelligent homescreen launcher that simplifies your phone

4. Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a Launcher application with limitless customization properties. Buzz launcher that let clients impart their Homescreen outlines to anybody as far and wide as possible. Offer Homescreens with your companions and Buzz your Launcher was as of late perceived as the best Personalization App for the Best App Ever Awards and the Best of Best Brand Identity for the Red Dot Awards "Buzz Launcher" is a very customizable launcher that empowers you to apply imparted Homescreens to your smartphone. Buzz Launcher is a commercial free custom launcher that has more than 650,000+ free themes.

The best features of Buzz launcher are Customize wallpaper or topic. You can apply new home screens at a touch of a catch, immediately. You can impart home screens to a solitary touch by means of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can include no. of widgets like clock, news and climate and social pop ups. Get Buzz Launcher now.

Buzz Launcher - Award Winning Launcher App

5. Launcher 8 (fake window 8)

Numerous individuals love window phones, however in genuine they don't purchase it simply in light of paid applications and uncustomizable UI, yet you can experience window 8 obstruction on your android phone. This Launcher 8 is a launcher for Android handsets that permits you to include the appearance and the interface of a Windows Phone to your cell phone or tablet with Google's android working framework. Likewise with all Android launchers, once it is introduced you simply need to press the begin catch and you will get a message asking which 'home page' to view. Numerous Launcher 8 clients are certain to think that it hard to oppose Windows Phone interface's numerous charms. It is significantly more colorful and engaging the eye than the customary Android desktop. Get Launcher 8 App now.

The best features Launcher 8 is you can customize icons and basically its an extraordinary launcher with novel colorful looks.

Launcher 8 (fake Window 8 Theme) app

Explore list of all 90+ available Android launcher here. Please share your experience with your android launcher below.


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