Flipkart’s Ghaziabad Warehouse Raided

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Flipkart’s Ghaziabad Warehouse Raided

A warehouse worked by India's biggest e-business company Flipkart in Ghaziabad has gone under the scanner of the Commercial Taxes Dept. of Uttar Pradesh, which has slapped a penalty of Rs 13.8 lakh on the company, blaming it for non-compliance with the rules identified with import of goods.
"Two trucks were bringing shoes from outside Uttar Pradesh for the Dasna-based warehouse of Flipkart. On the other hand, they were convey a bigger number of goods than they had declared. Likewise, we discovered a blank Form 38 with them, which is an issue of non-compliance," said an official of the raid team.

Form 38 – Whenever one company sends products and merchandise starting with one state then onto the next, an appropriately filled Form 38 should be sent with the goods.

The authority discovered 171 sets of shoes in the truck that were undeclared. As per an alternate report, goods worth INR 47 Lakh have been seized by the powers.

The authority further included that the office has gotten number of grumblings against Flipkart from nearby traders about avoidance of VAT and offering goods underneath maximum retail cost (MRP). Be that as it may, Flipkart representative has denied any such frequency and called it totally wrong. "We are in compliance with the laws of the area and there was no raid or seizure of goods in our Ghaziabad warehouse," said the representative.

The authorities further included that more ecommerce organizations are under the scanner for comparative infringement and that they have begun researching the same.


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