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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Google Nexus 6
ANDROID Fans in the market for a phablet are at present spoilt for choice, however the Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4 emerge as the most notable contenders vying for buyers' attention this Christmas. 

Samsung's Galaxy Note range has long held a reputation for being among the greatest smartphones on the market, and regularly the go-to phablet for a lot of people, yet Google's Nexus 6, with its 6in screen and huge measurements, makes the Galaxy Note 4 look practically petite. 


The Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are to a great extent comparative in terms of design. Both are crafted from plastic, Samsung's with a faux leather effect rear and Google's with a delicate touch plastic back reminiscent of the Moto X.

Both likewise accompany a metal trim, proposing that Samsung and Google are looking to give their most recent lead smartphones a top of the line style.

While there's minimal in it regarding design, the Nexus 6 is the more massive of the two, measuring 159x83x10.1mm and tipping the scales at 184g.

In correlation, the Galaxy Note 4, while still vast, measures a marginally more reasonable 154x79x8.5mm and weighs 176g.

Lamentably, while Samsung's Galaxy S5 accompanies Ip67 certification, the Galaxy Note 4 does not, implying that its not resistant to dust and water. The Nexus 6, then again, accompanies constrained waterproofing.

Still, provided for its more sensible size, and the incorporation of a prepared in home button, unique mark sensor and heart-rate monitor, this round goes to the Galaxy Note 4.

Winner: Galaxy Note 4


Much like in the design office, the Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4 are reasonably equitably matched in the matter of displays, wearing 6in 1440x2560 Amoled and 5.7in 1440x2560 Amoled screens separately.

Provided for its littler screen size, the Galaxy Note 4 has the higher pixel thickness, which comes in at 515ppi contrasted and the Nexus 6's 493ppi.

Be that as it may, regarding quality, its tricky to judge a winner between the two. Both offer extraordinary brightness, sharpness levels and survey angles, however we did recognize that both experience the ill effects of slight shade distortion likely owing to the Amoled technology.

Getting one up on the Nexus 6, the Galaxy Note 4 has the special reward of stylus info, permitting users to doodle and make notes on the display.

On account of this, and the way that the Nexus 6 is to a great degree hard to use with one hand, the Galaxy Note 4 wins an alternate round.

Winner: Galaxy Note 4

Processors and Memories

The Nexus 6 and one of the two variations of the Note 4 have indistinguishable hardware segments, as both are fueled by a Krait 450 processor with four cores, clocked at 2.7ghz, which sits on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with an Adreno 450 GPU and 3gb of RAM, and both models have 32gb of capacity, however just the Note 4 permits you to grow its capacity up to 128gb. The Nexus 6 has an alternate variation of 64gb, likewise nonexpendable. As we were stating, the Note 4 has an alternate variation of processor which is accessible just in a few parts of the world, and its controlled by Samsung's Exynos 5433 octa center CPU, comprising of two quad center processors: 1.3ghz Cortex-A53 and 1.9ghz Cortex-A57. In any case, the Nexus 6 accompanies Google's most recent Android version, 5.0 (Lollipop), while the Note has the past version, however its cleaned by the Touchwiz UI layer.


The Nexus 6 peculiarities a 13mp back cam with back-lit up sensor, optical image adjustment, 4k video recording, a f/2.0 opening and double LED flash and the front cam is 2mp. The Note 4 hopped to a 16mp ISOCELL BSI sensor with an enhanced f/2.2 opening, it has optical image adjustment, 4k video catch and the auxiliary cam has a determination of 3.7mp.


Both batteries have the same capacity: 3220 mah, yet Nexus 6 has a non-removable battery with 24 hours of talking, while the Note 4, with its client replaceable battery, backs 4 hours less.

Both batteries have the same capacity: 3220 mah, yet Nexus 6 has a non-removable battery with 24 hours of talking, while the Note 4, with its client replaceable battery, backs 4 hours less.


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