French Novel ‘Submission’ Featured On Charlie Hebdo Cover to Be Published in US

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French Novel Submission featured on Charlie Hebdo Cover
The disputable French novel emphasized on the cover of France's "Charlie Hebdo" magazine not long from now is slated to be published in the U.s. in spite of Wednesday's savage assault on the magazine's business locales in Paris.

"We don't have security concerns and are eager to distribute him. He's an extraordinary author," said Jeff Seroy, a representative for Farrar, Straus & Giroux, which has procured rights to distribute Michel Houellebecq's book, "Submission."

The book, which was discharged in France Wednesday, envisions the nation headed by a Muslim president who bans ladies from the working environment. It touched off contention in France even before its discharge.

A distribution date has not been set for the U.s. version. William Heinemann, an engraving of Random House UK, will distribute it in the UK in September, a representative for that distributer said.

Four of Mr. Houellebecq's books have been published in the U.s. by Alfred A. Knopf, which discharged his novel "The Map and the Territory" in 2012.

Mr. Houellebecq won the Prix Goncourt, a prestigious French scholarly prize, for "The Map and the Territory" in 2010.

Knopf made an offer for "Submission" however wasn't effective in gaining the book, as indicated by an individual acquainted with the transactions.

"Contention did not assume a part in our decision-making ­–dollars did," said Knopf representative Paul Bogaards.

Aaron Kerner, article executive of the Boston press David R. Godine, which distributes interpretations of other French writers, said he hadn't yet perused "Submission," yet said it ought to be published in the U.s., paying little respect to the discussion in France.

"He's an essential author and totally ought to be perused," Mr. Kerner said. "These can be really significant dangers here and there, however I think its vital to make that stand."

In a meeting published a week ago in the Paris Review, Mr. Houellebecq portrayed his book as "political fiction."

"Really, its not clear what we are intended to be perplexed about, nativists or Muslims," he said. "I leave that unresolved."


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