Twitter launched official WordPress plugin

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Twitter Plugin for Wordpress
Twitter today reported that its launching its first official Twitter plugin for WordPress that brings a bunch of Twitter functionality to your site effortlessly.

The new plugin brings a plenty of features; it consequently generates Twitter Cards for your pages, empowers Twitter Analytics, embeds videos and adds a tweet button to posts in the administrator interface.

There's a choice that permits you to change the look of embedded tweets on your site, so it coordinates your topic, alongside various features that help clients begin with Twitter advertising.

Features offered by Official Twitter Wordpress Plugin:
  • Embedded Tweet - customize backgrounds and color schemes to match your site's theme
  • Embedded Twitter video - showcase video uploaded to Twitter
  • Tweet button - simple sharing of your site's content on Twitter
  • Twitter Cards - highlight your site's content when shared on Twitter
  • Twitter Analytics - track impressions and top distributors of your site's content on Twitter
  • Follow button - grow your Twitter audience
  • Twitter ads conversion tracking - easily track actions on your WordPress site triggered by a Twitter ad or build a custom targeting audience

Twitter's new plugin is accessible now, free of charge.

Source: Twitter Official Blog


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