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Whatsapp Voice Calling Features
The voice calling feature that WhatsApp had been teasing and testing for quite a while is at last going standard. The WhatsApp voice calling feature is empowered in the most recent form of the WhatsApp Messenger that is currently available for download for Android devices on Google Play (version 2.11.561).

Anyway WhatsApp isn't enacting voice calling feature immediately. Burning users will in any case require an invite, as a WhatsApp call from whatever other WhatsApp user who has the feature activated on his/her application.

The steps to be followed:

1. Go to Google Play and download/upgrade the free WhatsApp Messenger application.

2. Ask whatever other WhatsApp user you know with the voice calling feature activated to call you through WhatsApp.

Taking after the call you ought to discover the WhatsApp voice calling feature activated on your telephone. You will now see another "Calls" tab to one side of the Chats and Contacts tab on the WhatsApp home screen.

While there have been informal APKs skimming around guaranteeing the feature, yet it is prudent that users introduce the application from Google Play or the authorized WhatsApp website.


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