PM Narendra Modi urges IT industry to innovate : NASSCOM, Delhi

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today called upon the Indian IT Industry to concentrate on meeting the global challenge of cyber-security. Expressing that the whole world is worried about this issue, the Prime Minister said Indian IT experts could do a great deal for cyber-safety of digital assets over the world.
Nasscom - NaMo Innovate for India Challenge

The Prime Minister was talking at an extraordinary occasion to check the finishing of NASSCOM's 25th year. Lauding NASSCOM for its commitment to the IT sector in India, the Prime Minister noticed that seldom has an association changed into a movement in such a short span of time. He added that it was because of the success of India's youth in the IT sector, that the world began taking a gander at India in an unexpected way.

Alluding to the subject of today's function: IT = India Tomorrow, the Prime Minister said there was monstrous potential for the Indian IT sector to innovate and give portable applications to convey resident driven administrations and versatile administration. Discussing the Digital India activity, the Prime Minister said e-administration likewise infers simple administration, and temperate administration. He said Government is building IT framework, and would embrace innovations by the IT industry. Discussing digital databases, he said the world would require "digital godowns" sooner rather than later. He said the digital partition in India needs to be killed.

The Prime Minister clarified how innovation was serving to check debasement. He gave the cases of the coal square barters, and Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG endowment, in this respect.

The Prime Minister required the Indian IT sector to help tourism in India. Restricted of doing this, he said, was to make virtual historical centers showcasing India's legacy. He called upon industry pioneers to contribute towards making e-libraries for schools.

The Prime Minister exhibited "Impact awards" for commitment to industry. He additionally propelled the NASSCOM Innovate for India Challenge, to support innovation in the sector. 

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