New York City hit with DDoS attacks, government email service knocked out

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DDoS Attacks - Hacking News
For the entire of last week, and up until this Monday, unknown hackers had knocked of New York City government's email framework. The attack was really savage, as per a City Hall source, who said that the "universal denial of service attack had now been contained, however there was all the while "ongoing pernicious activity". Pretty much all government agencies, including the FBI and NYPD, were not able to send or get email messages. A few agencies set up interim Gmail accounts so they could keep on working. 

DDoS or Hack?

It is not known whether New York City government sites were under DDoS attack or were hacked in light of the fact that Albano included that no touchy data or data was bargained amid the attack. He however said that this was a "big attack" yet made light of its impact on New York City taxpayer supported organizations.

Remarking on this, Lancope CTO, TK Keanini, said:

"Anything associated with the Internet is liable to this sort of occurrence period. Perusers ought to at any rate read this and consider their business coherence plan. A prepared and arranged safeguard is not something the attacker is depending on Architects observe on the grounds that building in strength from the begin is about outlining in view of this danger model. Such a large number of hold up and endure an outage before they make the venture." 

Albano said that MSISAC,  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and NewYork Police Department are investigating the incident and it is still not clear who initiated the attack and why.


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