TiccleConnect a smart mobile app today is transforming the way ‘safety’ is defined

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TiccleConnect App
TiccleConnect - a smart app aids people to monitor/watch over everything around the globe right from your loved one to your priced possessions through real time location information. Making this possible is the SIM based monitoring application that makes you travel along with no boundaries to stop you – not even GPS. Yes, the end user can continue to monitor the movement without his/her GPS on. TiccleConnect a classy app has been crafted in such a way that the need for a high-end mobile is only for the user who is monitoring the other person/possession – making it truly cost effective. Having said that TiccleConnect provides Real Time Location Information of Idea SIM user along with Location based information and history to safeguard the well-being of common public.

In a time where safety has become an issue of uncertainty, TiccleConnect has rightly stepped in offering the public a way to break their anxiety and once again fill their life with serenity and safety. With global search option TiccleConnect allows monitoring people/ belongings from across the map breaking the boundaries. Keeping it simple and smart, TiccleConnect has its registration process to usage of this app simplified to an extent where people of all age groups can find it easy. TiccleConnect allows users to create infinite geo fence upto a radius of 300 m making the process straightforward and smooth.

This application is designed carefully to help easy access to people of all age groups and introducing to the world of technology in an effortless manner.

To have a first-hand experience of this App, Visit Google play store to download the App.


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