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Movie Review & Rating: Finding Fanny

Movie Review: Finding Fanny
Five Goans set off on a road trip looking for an old postman's adolescence love, Stefanie "Fanny" Fernandes, however no one knows whether she's alive or dead or simply an invention of somebody's imagination. In any case, the companions get lost, and the adventure - initially expected to take 20 minutes - rather takes one and a half days. In case you're searching for love… get lost! Bollywood's superstar Deepika Padukone features a rock n' roller cast.

Discovering Fanny is one such film. It's a basic film with a beat up plot line – a gathering of loners travel together looking for lost love. Yet on account of some superlative acting, you overlook how thin the plot is and drench yourself in the lives of the characters.

Naseeruddin Shah plays Ferdie, a tyke like postmaster of an interesting languid backwater of Goa called Pocolim. He gets back a letter he had presented 46 years on the love of his life Stefanie "Fanny" Fernandes (Anjali Patil). His closest companion Angie (Deepika Padukone), a 26 year old widow, who lives with her widowed mother by marriage Rosalina "Rosie" Eucharistica (Dimple Kapadia), encourages him to search out his missing love. A painter looking for a muse, Don Pedro Cleto Colaco (Pankaj Kapur) and Angie's youth love Savio Da Gama (Arjun Kapur) join this diverse temporary fad. What takes after is a road trip that makes the characters relearn some cruel truths furthermore familiarizes them with changing motion of their relationships with one another in the meantime.

Naseer and Pankaj are prepared veterans and expectedly sustain off one another. One of best lines in the movies is when Don Pedro flourishingly portrays Freddie as the Casanova Of Konkan. While Naseer brings out all the idiosyncrasies of a bashful, self observer lover, Pankaj is a hoot as the over-the-top painter. His rejection of his "muse" Dimple after he completes her composition is piercing and slyly shows the heart of a painter in the meantime. Dimple shows what a fine on-screen character she is – her boasting Goan close relative act, where her intense outside shrouds a shaky persona is one of her best screen versions as such. The young people, Arjun and Deepika are the genuine astonishment. Arjun plays Savio, the driver, repairman and vigorous love with the rant his character merits and is at times out of pace with the veterans. Deepika overflows confidence in every edge. She stands her ground against everybody and demonstrates how great an on-screen character she could be in the hands of a proficient director. It's her film more than anybody else's.

In the wake of Being Cyrus and Cocktail, director Homi Adajania has apparently hit his stride. The cinematography by Anil Mehta is world-class thus is the music by Mathias Duplessy and Sachin-Jigar. Go watch the film for its abundance of eccentric characters managing ordinary emergency and rising wealthier simultaneously. It will most likely put a grin to your face, if nothing else.

Cast: Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Arjun Kapoor, Pankaj Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah 
Direction: Homi Adajania 
Genre: Drama 
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
IMDB Rating: 3.5/5 , DP2Web Rating: 3/5 

2 States : A magical north-south love story - Bollywood Movie Review | Staring Alia Bhatt, Arjun Kapoor

2 States Movie Review : Staring Alia Bhatt Arjun Kapoor
2 States Movie review:

There has been a considerable measure of buzz and reckoning encompassing "2 States" movie, incompletely in light of stunning blending of the lead actors Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, and additionally because of the super accomplishment of the novel of the comparative name. The forceful special strategies received by the movie's innovative group has additionally worked well in building hype over the movie. In this way, how about we start our movie review to see whether the movie warrants such hype. 

Plot Outline 

2 States puts the cultural contrast and clash under the spotlight. It is an adoration story of a Punjabi kid Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) who hails from Delhi and Ananya Swaminathan (Alia Bhatt) is an immaculate Tamilian from Chennai. They become hopelessly enamored while considering at IIM Ahmedabad and not long after discover a respectable job. 

In this way, now the time it now, time for them to persuade their perfect inverse families for their marriage. As Krish says in the movie portrayal, they started their mission to make their families experience passionate feelings for one another. The movie demonstrates the amusing and memorable strategies and measures the couple receive with a specific end goal to get hitched. 

Actor Performance 

The lead acting pair has performed outstandingly well. Arjun Kapoor is the amazement of the movie as he sheds his furious and forceful persona of his past movies and consistently slips into character of Krish who is smooth and formed. His portrayal and guiltlessness is charming in the movie. Alia Bhatt who had tremendously awed the faultfinders with her magnificent acting in "Thruway" has at the end of the day given a refined performance. 

The supporting cast likewise can't be disparaged as far as effect it had on the movie. Amrita Singh in the part of an uproarious Punjabi mother is funny and engrossing. Ronit Roy at the end of the day demonstrates his acting accreditations with his depiction of a strict father. Shiv Kumar Subramaniam and Revathy as taught South-Indians finishes "2 States." 

Positive Points 

The direction by Abhishek Varman is the noiseless underlying constrain that makes movie enthralling and fascinating. He utilizes all the components within a right measure without abusing any, the cultural contrasts are delicately and astutely utilized. Alia and Arjun's stunning science is an alternate high purpose of "2 States". 

Negative Points 

Not critical enough to specify. 


2 States is a stimulating and witty movie that is a must watch for the Bollywood fans.

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RAGINI MMS 2 : Trailer and Reviews - Staring Sunny Leone | Bollywood Movies

Ragini MMS 2 : Review and Trailer

Ekta Kapoor is once again back with her new horror (horror+sex) film, 'Ragini MMS 2′, continuation of the 2011 Ragini MMS. Ragini MMS 2 is an approaching Bollywood horror-thriller 3d film directed by Bhushan Patel and co-generated by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor under Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment. Ragini MMS 2 is continuously touted by its creators, Balaji Motion Pictures, as "India's sexiest horror motion picture". This will be sunny Leone's second wander in Bollywood after Jism 2. 

The film rotates around an adolescent couple Ragini (Sunny Leone) and Uday. Ragini is send to a mental asylum and her beau Uday is absent after their MMS outrage becomes a web sensation. The Ragini embarrassment gets the consideration of a director Rocks (Pravin Dabas) and he plans to regulate a film on it. 

The horror issue with liberal measurement of sex directed by Bhushan Patel stars Canadian pornstar Sunny Leone in lead part. The continuation of Ragini MMS is scripted by Suhani Kanwar and Tanveer Bookwala while it stars a grouped group of different characters, for example, an agonizing scriptwriter, an over-the-top television performing artist, an over-qualified psychiatrist and a no good performer around others. 

The story starts where its prequel Ragini MMS finished and it rotates around a lovebird. The couple went to a detached house to have a messy weekend however certain irregular paranormal happenings occurred. Uday plans for a MMS embarrassment in that house however some place it becomes famous online because of which Ragini gets lunatic after the episode. She is send to a mental asylum and her beau Uday goes missing. 

The occurrence collects consideration of a filmmaker Rock played by Pravin Dabas and he plans to make a film dependent upon that incident. He signs a performer named Sunny played by Sunny Leone to depict the character of Ragini. He chooses to shoot his wander in a haunted bungalow to make it more reasonable. 

At the same time alarming episodes begin happening in the bungalow while shooting the motion picture. Spine chilling shocking episodes astounds the throws and group and abandons them totally shaken. All likes to dispose of the spot yet the director Rock's energy makes him more determinant of staying there until the finishing of shooting. 

Sunny Leone figures out how to show sparkle of brightness in a scene where she spoofs herself and fakes a climax. Those need to see Sunny in her quality won't be frustrated! Then again Karan Mehra as a self-fixated TV on-screen character is diverting. 'Baby doll' and 'Chaar Botal Vodka' have effectively beaten the graph. Honey Singh has sung well. 

Ragini MMS 2 has a robust backstory and the writers have additionally figured out how to assemble a fascinating history to the happenings in the house. Oblivious plot utilizing sarcasm and letting the characters snicker at themselves was a shrewd move in bringing the diversion.

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Gulaab Gang : Bollywood Movie Review and Trailer

Poster of Gulaab Gang : Bollywood 
Through ‘Gulaab Gang’ movie directed by Anubhav Sinha picturize the lives of the today’s women and their fight to remained up to the individuals who are prepared holding up to pulverize them underneath the age old personality set.

It is a story of two woman enemies, played by Madhuri (Gulaab Gang leader) and Juhi (political leader). Madhuri accepts the defiling circumstance of ladies could be changed with ladies strengthening, Juhi accepts that a lady in force holds the way to up-liftment.

The group dependably wears pink shades sarees and works towards fighting the social foul play existing at current time in and around Bundelkhand (UP & MP).

Madhuri Dixit play the role of the Gulaab Gang’s fierce leader and stays in Bundelkhand with her supporters. She works with her activists towards admonishing social injustice towards women within community such as domestic violence and many others.

The leader as well as her supporters always carry laathis (bamboo sticks) as their weapon to punish abusive husbands. The second half shows the entry of Juhi Chawla, who played the character of shrewd politician.

Fear creeps in the heart of the politician having noticed the power of a woman in key role. Madhuri has come up with the fact that only power is the stick by which she can tame the ruthless men-in-power and society.

What else would be left for the people but to live in fear of so called women-gang and get off the dire consequences of it? Clever Juhi shakes hand with Madhuri and says to leave the gang. Let’s see what a mortal fusion like this generates on screen.

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Gulaab Gang Trailer