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Introducing Google Cast for audio

Google Cast for Audio to send music directly to Internet Connected Speakers
Google today launched Google Cast for audio, which will let clients send music straightforwardly to internet-joined speakers, much the same as it already does with feature and pictures on Tvs.

Truth be told, utilizing Cast for audio will be much the same as utilizing Chromecast today when the first compatible speakers begin to touch base "in the spring", Google said. Tapping a button on your favorite music or radio app or Internet App will launch the service on your speaker, furthermore much the same as Chromecast, this usefulness will be accessible over the Web, Android and ios platforms.

Google said Denon, Sony and LG would be among the first gadget makers to assemble items that backing the new gimmick, with additional to take after later in the year.

The primary Google Cast Ready speakers will first be accessible in the US this spring from lead brands Sony, LG, and HEOS by Denon with more brands nearing later in 2015 with the backing of chip makers Broadcom, Marvell, Mediatek and framework integrator Libre Wireless.these items will join a developing Google Cast biological system, which incorporates more Android Tvs, diversion comforts and set-top boxes. 

Source: Introducing Google Cast for audio <Google Blog>

Welcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop OS for Smartphones

Android Lollipop Features - DP2WEB
As we compose this, Android 5.0 an announcement that Android 5.0 L will be first accessible for is LG G3 instead of Nexus 4 and 5 energized the LG community. The developed testing and preview period is currently proving to be fruitful as million Android fans were acclimating themselves with a plenty of remarkable new features. In the past also Nokia annouces their Nokia N1 tablet which contains Android Lollipop would be launched in early 2015.

In the wake of encountering the full and last Android L, numerous will concur with us on the accompanying statement – Google does expect to make Android a software of the future. In fact, Google has arrived at far since the first open prologue to Android in 2007.

The leading and most remarkable update of this new version of Android is the new UI designed under  Google's Material Design. The embodiment of Material Design lies in the experience which is closer to the natural visual sensation that the human eye experiences from its surroundings, including the colors and transition of items.

The primary motivation behind Material Design is relied upon to be an unification of the Android experience over all Android Devices. From phones to Tvs to smart watches, if the gadget is running Lollipop, the interface will feel some piece of the same family, and transitions from gadget to gadget will be more consistent, with things like music, photographs and video recalling where you exited off – says Sundar Pichai, Google's senior VP of Android and Chrome.

Android L will welcome you with some way or another natural looking UI, smoother transition and mellow looking colors helping to remember natural surfaces.

An alternate significant update of Android Lollipop is expanded and more granular control over notifications, which may demonstrate essential for gadgets where this gimmick characterizes client experiences, for example, smart watches. This implies that you can to confine notifications to a couple of particular individuals when you're in a gathering or on individual time.

An alternate peculiarity worth highlighting is a Smart Lock characteristic, which lets clients designate trusted gadget and pair your Android gadget with them to unlock it. With this Android phones get to be significantly more secured than some time recently. 


Different features inside Android 5.0 Lollipop are:

- New battery sparing peculiarity gloating to augment battery life by 90 minutes

- Multiple client records and visitor client account

- Auto reinforcement of pictures

- Complete customization of symbols, menus and so on.

- Easy tab juggling (tablets)

Android is as of now on our LG gadgets for improvement and testing reason and our colleagues and partners equipped with Android gadgets have a gigantic crash on the Material Design idea and the general enhanced security features of Lollipop.

We additionally need to hear your viewpoints? Is it true that you are inspired with Android Lollipop? Impart your considerations in the remarks underneath.