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Google launches YouTube Kids on Android and iOS

Youtube Kids on Android and iOS
It's been rumored for some time, yet now its official: Google has launched YouTube Kids.

The organization says its been working with parents over the previous year to make an all the more family-friendly version of YouTube . The new application is intended to be easier for kids offering a brighter and greater interface.

As you may expect, the choice of features on the platform is restricted for what Google considers "appropriate for the entire family." Parents and kids can skim four channel and playlist classifications: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.

Obviously, you can basically look for substance you're searching for too, and it backings voice seek, on the off chance that your kid can't spell or type. Some illustration substance incorporates DIY arts and specialties, math lessons and youngsters' shows. Furthermore clearly, a great deal of train features.

The application additionally offers various parental controls, including:

  • A timer that gives you a chance to breaking point your kids' screen time
  • Sound settings to turn off ambient sounds and sound impacts to keep things quieter
  • The capacity to turn off hunt to confine features to only those on the home screen
  • A committed feedback segment to permit parents to give conclusions on the application and its substance

The application was initially rumored to be Android-just at launch, however it will likewise be landing on iOS today, also kids' tablets Kurio and nabi later on. You can head on over to the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to try the new applications out.

No statement on a desktop version yet we've reached Google and will redesign in the event that we hear more. 

Source: Youtube Official Blog

How to bypass WhatsApp's Double Blue Checkmarks : Hacking Tips

Whatsapp Double Blue CheckmarksAs covered in our last article,  Whatsapp did what most are dreading—read messages confirmations once more to the sender. While individuals some are glad about the feature, others are freaking out.

Whatsapp has begun sending back read message confirmations over to the reader by issuing blue double tick marks on the message. This shows and affirms that the message has been read/ seen by the user on the other end.

Awhile ago, a solitary tick would imply that the message is sent and a double tick implied that the message has been gotten on the phone. Then again, there was no affirmation whether the message was seen by the beneficiary and when. Anyway now there is no getting away as the sender will know whether you saw the message and when. While blue ticks could be incredible for some, it could destroy relationships for some others. This could produce an antagonistic results on Whatsapp users and power them to relocate to other visit applications to evade debates.

The last time Whatsapp rolled out improvements to the application was including the last seen time stamp. Numerous did not like it and Whatapp made a change by including privacy settings. With blue ticks, Whatsapp has not made any options for the present.

So how would you get away from the blue tick and make life a little simpler? All things considered, there are a couple of techniques on the web, which lives up to expectations for some while others grumble that it doesn't. The strategy expresses that when you get the message, don't open Whatsapp straightaway. Essentially peep from the notification bar and you will have the capacity to read the message in a split second. The minute you click on the message, Whatsapp will open and your message's blue tick will be sent.

Some say that you ought to put your smartphone in Airplane mode and afterward check the message. Along  these  lines, Whatsapp won't send the read affirmation to the sender. You can then switch over to ordinary mode in the wake of checking the message. While some said that it lived up to expectations, others expressed that Whatsapp quickly matches up after you begin your 3g or Wi-Fi and the read affirmation (blue tick) is sent to the sender.

We found two more traps, which is still to be affirmed by a lot of people out there. In any case, unfortunately, one of this works just for Android users and not iphone. When you get a message from your sender, draw down the notification bar and you will have the capacity to see read message without opening it. In the event that it is an one line message, you are fortunate. This works for iphone as well. In the event that it is dependent upon four or five lines, iphone users can't see this, however Android users can squeeze outwards on the message (deliberately) and extend the notification message to read up to a couple of lines. Yet in the event that the message is longer or there are numerous messages, you can't do anything. We have something better ahead.

Android users can rejoice a little as you can look at all the messages without really going to Whatsapp and sending the blue tick to the sender.

Essentially add an alternate desktop to your launcher, on the off chance that you don't have a clear one. Include a Whatsapp widget in full screen mode on a clear desktop. You are all situated. When you get a message, essentially head on to the widget and look at all the messages in full length. You can parchment and read the whole messages one after the other. Verify you don't click on any message, else you would open up Whatsapp unintentionally. To prevent coincidentally opening Whatsapp, we recommend you introduce an application lock utility and lock Whatsapp with a secret word or example. Go for the same and let us know whether it worked for you. Assuredly this trap functions admirably till Whatsapp rolls out sufficient improvements. We have not possessed the capacity to attempt the same on Symbian, Blackberry or Windows Phone so far. We might upgrade you when we get something.

Do you have some other traps? Why not impart it to everybody.

Whatsapp Will Now Show if a Sent Message has Been Read

Whatsapp App UpdatesWhatsapp's delivered and last seen features without a doubt could result in mistaken assumptions among people, due to which Whatsapp revealed the capacity to conceal time stamps. Furthermore now to include more clarity messages being sent, in the same way as Google Hangouts, it excessively has added a gimmick to show if  a message has been read.

In the event that the double check imprints showing delivered turn blue, that implies the message has been read.

The application recently updated FAQ, gathering

visit and broadcast messages are likewise affected by this change. We noted this on Wednesday night, however watched that this gimmick was not a piece of an application store upgrade to the application. Emulating comparable theories, 9to5mac recognized the organization has pushed the gimmick over-the-air to both ios and Android versions of the application.

Dutch site has uncovered some new symbols that What App may be utilizing for its Voip usage. Yet, regardless it undisclosed when the gimmick will be included by the organization.

You ought to begin accepting the new read receipts so long as you have the freshest adaptation of Whatsapp for Android, ios or Windows Phone.

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