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Choose a degree for yourself online

Online Degree Benefit and OptionsRecently, I came across a point in my life, where I felt the need of pursuing higher management education. As a working professional in a fast growing ecommerce company (won’t give you many points if you guess the company in more than guesses!), I decided to choose a program by searching online. I came across many websites like, Avagmah, Snapdeal and Edukart to explore various versions of MBA and Executive MBA courses. 

I guess education has moved along very well. I saw “Online Degree” programs and “Distance Degree” programs. I was confused as to which ones to pursue. I realized on some checking that Online MBA is just a mode of delivery and the degree that you get at the end is Distance Degree only. 

Distance education refers to ways in which education may be delivered to students in remote locations. It is designed to offer students who cannot commit to on-site study the opportunity to pursue education in non-traditional formats. Distance education may include online degree programs, correspondence courses and many others.

An online degree program is one option under the broader category of distance education. Students who own or have access to PCs can pursue an online degree by completing coursework via the Internet. Online courses give students the freedom to work from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Working professionals, who are unable to leave work in order to pursue full-time, on-campus study, benefit most from online courses of study.

The most convincing explanations behind attempting to get an online degree are time and money. With an online degree program, you can enroll in a class, do assignments on the Internet, and even correspond with classmates in chatrooms or on webinars. You just need to visit the university center for exams. Today, technology has so much evolved that you can communicate with other students and the teacher through webconferencing also. These exercises is possible from the comfort of your home or laptop: at whatever time, wherever.

After through research, I really liked the guys at as they were super professional. The admission counsellor helped me to answer all my queries. She sent me the course details, told me about the University accreditation and listened to me patiently, while I took some time to make my choice. I finally decided to pursue my program from a very famous University in Maharashtra. I am excited about the prospect that companies like and are bringing so much ease and transparency for people like me who do not have time to go to all these sellers of universities, that sit In weird locations and try to fleece a student. 
Good work new age entrepreneurs!