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Why odd-even doesn’t seem to be working this time?

Odd Even Rule in Delhi
The odd-even traffic policy has been actualized for the second time in the midst of huge public support for the first edition in January when residents of Delhi witnessed sliced traffic on Delhi's busiest stretches even however the impact on pollution has been sketchy. 

This time, be that as it may, things have not been as smooth even in the underlying stages. Huge traffic jams were witnessed on Monday on arterial stretches, for example, Akshardham, South Extension, Bhairon Marg, Azadpur, ITO (towards Vikas Marg), India Gate, Dhaula Kuan, Patel Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi-Gurgaon Road, and the Ashram crossing point in the morning surge hours. 

Top five possible reasons why the road rationing policy is not as powerful this time: 

1. Schools 

In the first phase, schools in the city were closed which implied less cars on the roads. This time, the schools are open and with private cars utilizing on exchange days, there are more school transports on roads. 

In around 1300 private unaided schools in the city, every school has a minimum of 5-10 school transports. In the first phase, the Aam Aadmi Party government had requested that schools give their transports to be utilized for public transport and just a couple transports close to 300 were given on loan. At that point the government had said close to 2500 private school transports were enrolled. 

In the second phase, every one of these transports are on the road. 

It is not just these school transports that are adding to the traffic however private school vans which are utilized for transporting children are additionally on the roads. Most schools have no under 25-30 such vans which drop and pick children. These numbers are just from private schools and after that there are taxicab administrations in every one of the 1100 government schools in the city. 

Parents, who drop their children to schools, are confronting an issue as the government has given exclusion just to those whose auto has a tyke in uniform to keep running on the roads before 8am when the limitations kick in. 

"It has turned out to be exceptionally hazardous when we need to go pick the tyke. At that time, there is no tyke in uniform. The main choice left is to convey the tyke's identity card and appear in the event that we get got. The second phase could have been effortlessly done amid the late spring break," Anurag Gupta, whose child learns at a private school in south Delhi, said. 

Even government sources on Tuesday said incorporating kids in odd-even this time has exploded backward. 

2. The heat 

The city woke up to a hot morning even on Tuesday. In the underlying days of odd-even, this has been a trend with the mercury timing 40 all the time. 

The minimum temperature took off to 26 degrees Celsius four indents over the season's normal. The greatest temperature is relied upon to settle around 40 degrees Celsius. 

Amid the first phase of the road rationing framework, which was in the first week of January, the climate conditions were wonderful and more individuals enthusiastically took to public transport. 

"In this heat, it is hard to take a transport or an auto to work. So two cars for exchange odd and even days," Balbir Singh, an occupant of Bhogal who drives to his work environment in Vasant Kunj, said. 

3. Less number of traffic cops? 

On Monday, which saw the first genuine test of the odd-even plan, a riotous traffic circumstance developed, with numerous bustling stretches seeing jams. Authorization organizations now claim to have fixed sending. 

Delhi Traffic police authorities said that more faculty have been put on obligation amid the crest hours. The arrangement was moved from the outskirts to the city on Tuesday and the quantity of staff was additionally expanded from 800 to 1000. 

"We have not got any dissension of serious jams since morning and that will be out as the day progressed. Despite the fact that there are less vehicles on the road, the trap will be to oversee them productively," a senior traffic official said. 

4. Breakdown making growls 

On Monday, 15 government transports separated over the city, refuting the advantages of squeezing extra transports to expand the Capital's lacking public transport framework. Delhi government has an armada of 4705 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) transports and 1500 private transports while 680 extra transports were conveyed amid the odd-even period. 

"Most breakdowns were accounted for from south Delhi. Four transports separated in the Delhi Cantonment territory alone, moderating traffic development along that extend. The low floor transports can be evacuated just by particular cranes. So growls proceeded till a crane arrived and towed away the transport," a traffic officer said. 

The advantage of less traffic was invalidated at focuses on account of growls because of these breakdowns. 

5. Progressing construction works 

Progressing construction works crosswise over different focuses in the city likewise brought about traffic tumult. As a result of the remodel of water channels by the Delhi Jal Board, one and only carriageway of the Ring Road was opened. 

At Shahadra in upper east Delhi, a comparable DJB construction work postponed traffic. 

In south Delhi, the disassembling of the BRT postponed workers at Defense Colony and Andrews Ganj. 

Traffic police have additionally issued an admonitory about the PWD construction business related to the repair deal with the Nehru Place flyover. 

A little less than half the sky

A little less than half the sky
The roads were deserted, the sky was dark and the only thing that engulfed the whole atmosphere was silence. I am not talking about suburbs but about the capital city, New Delhi after midnight.A few days ago I had to go for a friend's marriage from Pitampura to Dwarka. Living alone in Delhi for the past 6 years or so I have never been able to (read dared to) venture out alone after 9p.m..

Which means I have missed a lot of weddings, dinners, parties and umpteen other important occasions and made a lot of excuses to cover up the same. So while sometimes my roommate fell ill at other times I had to slip from the stairs.
But after my stay in Odisha for a year, I feel a little liberated. But this liberation and freedom is also a little scary sometimes. This time when I received the invitation, I decided that neither my roomie is going to fall ill nor am I going to break my leg, I am simply going to enjoy my friend's wedding. Well what about the things like 'Carpe Diem' and 'Equality' and 'Friendship and love'.

 So there I was. I attended the wedding and it was an achievement. And why not? For a Delhi girl in the 21st Century it is an achievement to be out that late. But as the clock struck 10, I started to freak out because I realised that however modern I can pose to be my opposite sex has somehow failed to control their libido. The next one hour was spent in finding cabs and hearing lectures about my foolishness from a friend (all out of care though). Yes I am not the 'plan everything in advance' types, but I am also not 'flow with the current types'.

I wondered if I was really wrong in choosing to come out for this adventure (which for most might not be an adventure at all). And then the recent case of a girl getting raped by a Uber cab driver have given me all the answers. Unfortunately, I don't like these answers but I have to accept them.
I boarded the last metro on the Airport Express Line from Dwarka Sec 21 to New Delhi with a male friend of mine. The friend who was doubting my sanity agreed to pick me up from New Delhi Railway Station and then I saw the Delhi I had never seen. Delhi at midnight is beautiful to say the least (at least from inside the car windows and with guy friends you can trust). Even the dingy hotels of Karol Bagh and Paharganj seem like perfectly placed.

When I looked out of the metro glass I wondered in the past six years had I not missed enjoying one of the most beautiful sights. I mean look at the sky and the surroundings at Dwarka Sector 21 metro station at 11:00 p.m. and you will understand what I mean. My friend who accompanied me in the metro could not stop praising the sanctity of the place on a full moon night.

So as I my friend picked me up from New Delhi with his brother, I hopped inside the car like a child who travels by a train for the first time and gets glued to the window excited about the fact that the trees, the mountains and the houses are moving backward.

I took the backseat and gazed at the same trees, same roads and same houses and shops which I have seen not less than a thousand times in awe and admiration. Look at the Indian Tricolour fluttering at Cannaught Place at midnight, the saffron, the white and the green mixing in each other as well the dark and you can't escape jitters of patriotism. But at the very same instant, I regretted for the not being free enough to witness my own tricolour whenever I want to.

As our car raced towards Pitampura, I wished for the night to never get over. But at the same time, I wished if my city could be a little more safer and could accept me in entirety. I have not traveled much but I just wonder if it is a case in other parts of the world as well. If all over the world females are dependent on a male friend or relative to help her take simple decisions like going out for a friend's wedding. Have we made our homes so unsafe that we doubt everyone.

Delhi is more than my hometown to me. She has taught me how to be independent, she has taught me to celebrate small victories and she has taught me to forget big failures. She has made me witness life closely, she has given me the courage to live out of my comfort zone, she has in a way brought me closer to myself. I refer to Delhi as 'she' because she is both beautiful and desirable but it really hurts to realise that the way I have accepted her, she has not accepted me. She has given me everything from acceptance to friends to love, except the freedom to enjoy my freedom. To cover my head, she has given me (read the female gender) only a little less than what I (read all of us) deserved – half the sky, a little less than half the sky.

Lok Sabha Poll - Challenge in BJP, Congress and AAP : 66% Votes casted in New Delhi

Voting started for the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in the third period of the Lok Sabha polls today. 

The electing battle here is seen as a test of the Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) discerned disintegration of help base, the BJP's case of a 'Modi wave' and the statement by the Congress that it was recovering lost ground after its drubbing in the last assembly polls. 

The high-voltage challenge likewise accept more amazing essentialness as it may set the stage for conceivable assembly polls in the city in the following few months. 

Lok Sabha Polls in Delhi Elections
The battle for the decision saw principle contenders - the BJP, the Congress and the youngster AAP - participating in a furious race to charm 1.27 crore voters. Despite the fact that Delhi has just seven Lok Sabha seats, the electing result in the heart of the nation conveys a ton of hugeness because of political imagery. 

In spite of the fact that what added up to 150 hopefuls are in the quarrel, including 58 Independents, the challenge in all supporters is liable to be three-route around the BJP, the AAP and the Congress.

For AAP, the race expect more stupendous noteworthiness as it will reflect individuals' backing to it after the amateur made history in the December 4 assembly polls by wresting 28 of the 70 seats and structuring the legislature. 

Kejriwal had confronted extreme feedback for stopping from the legislature in the wake of staying in force for 49 days. Both the Congress and the BJP had mounted a sharp assault on Kejriwal and blamed him for fleeing from obligations. 

BJP's battle focussed on Narendra Modi and the race will figure out if the 'Modi wave' had any effect. In the event that the gathering performs well, then it may press for promptly assembly polls. The BJP had won 31 seats in the assembly polls yet declined to structure the administration. 

"Your vote for our seven applicants in Delhi is a vote for me. Vote for them and help me manufacture a solid and prosperous India," Modi engaged the individuals through notices in the dailies today. 

Very nearly all top party pioneers including Modi, L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley fought in the city. 

EVM Machine Delhi Polls for AAP, BJP, Congress and more.In the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP had experienced a mental blackout in the 2009 polls, while the Congress had won all the seven seats. 

After its huge thrashing in the assembly polls in December a year ago, the Congress through its fight made a decent attempt to win back the backing of the individuals through revives and house-to-house contact programs. 

The gathering was directed in the assembly polls and it could win just eight seats. Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice-president Rahul Gandhi had tended to divided arouses in the city. 

AAP head Arvind Kejriwal held roadshows and open gatherings over the city yet its applicants primarily concentrated on associating with individuals through avenue to-entryway visits. 

In the prestigious Chandni Chowk voting demographic, Union clergyman Kapil Sibal is confronting an extreme battle from BJP's Harsh Vardhan and columnist turn-government official Ashutosh of the AAP in his offer to hold the seat for the third time.

In East Delhi, officeholder MP Sandeep Dikshit is hollowed against BJP's Maheish Girri and AAP's Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. 

An intense triangular challenge is in the offing in the prominent New Delhi voting demographic where Congress General Secretary Ajay Maken is confronting two first-time contenders in BJP's Meenakshi Lekhi and Ashish Khaitan from the AAP. 

A fascinating battle is on the cards around BJP's Udit Raj, AAP's Rakhi Birla and Congress' Krishna Tirath in North West Delhi. The Dalit group, which includes in excess of 20 for every penny of the aggregate voters, may hold influence in the seat. 

In South Delhi, BJP competitor Ramesh Bidhuri was hollowed against Devender Sehrawat of the AAP and Congress' Ramesh Kumar. 

The BJP has fielded Bhojpuri artist Manoj Tiwari in the North East Delhi seat where AAP's Anand Kumar and Congress' J P Agarwal are the other unmistakable contenders. 

Votes in Delhi ElectionsThere are 29 contenders from the New Delhi voting public, the most noteworthy for any seat, while the least of 14 is in the North West seat. 

Almost 50,000 security personnel, separated from 161 flying squads of police and video observation groups, have been conveyed as a major aspect of extravagant arrangements to guarantee reasonable and serene polls in Delhi. 

The Election Commission said it has completed away with the procurement of voter cards and voter slips being required to make choice. 

Polling will be held in 11,763 polling stations out of which 327 have been pronounced discriminating and 90 harsh. 

Voting will begin at 7 am and will proceed till 6 pm. 

Despite any precedent to the contrary, Delhi residents will have the capacity to practice their establishment regardless of the fact that they don't have Electors Photo Identity Card (voter card) yet have their names enrolled in the discretionary roll. 

Supported by the "memorable" voter turnout in the as of late held Delhi assembly decisions, Delhi's Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Dev engaged Delhi residents to turn out and vote and said he was cheerful in regards to a superior polling rate this time. 

In the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, the general voting rate was 52.3 per cent, which expanded to 66 per cent in the 2013 Delhi assembly decision. 

The Delhi Election Commission said it was sure of surpassing the figure of 66 per cent.