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Small Business Link Building In A Post Panda & Penguin World : Part - 2

As we discussed in our last blog article, Google has changed the whole Search Engine Optimization game by rolling out the nasty penguin 2.0 update and the hungry panda update. Google has just rolled out Penguin 2.0, a large algorithmic update promising to go “deeper” than the 2012 Penguin release, which put a hurting on websites with number of manipulative links in their profile.This prospect creates fear for many small businesses who depend on search engine optimization (SEO) for their livelihoods. But there is also a sense of confusion as the line often shifts and the message from Google contradictory.

#9.    Expert Interviews

It does not matter whether it is a text interview or higher quality video interview, you can definitely make use of this tactic in order to establish links to your website. It is found that there are many people who are either not aware of this strategy or they seems to be quite disinterested in applying this method. But, truly speaking it can turn out to be the most effective way to generate links to your site. 

#10.    Become PRO (Public Relation Officer)

Public Relations - SEO : DP2WebJust completely erase your thought regarding link building and page ranking; you just need to focus on diversifying of links. You should build links that won’t get indexed on the site that make use of the “noindex” meta tag. The objective of doing so is to create the brand quality and also drive more traffic to the website from places where you normally do not visit on the internet. 
An organisation’s strategy (which determines long-term direction and scope) is determined after a great deal of analysis and decision-making. Many people, both outside and inside the organisation, will contribute to this process. Having developed a strategy, this will need to be communicated so that it can be supported and implemented. PR has an essential role to play in this process, both in helping to develop the strategy itself and in its communication.

Are you a Blogger? Looking for Link building Strategies?

In order to build links for your blog, there are some of the important things that you can do. Though, it is fact that you might have come across with some of the strategies before, but in this case you will be able to gain some extra tips that can definitely help you earn good links to the blog.

You should remember that link building is not used in order to increase the search engine ranking or building up the Page Rank, it is more than that. In order to build links. You need to increase the traffic and also build some useful relationship and it needs to be your immediate goal.

1.   Become a Guest Blogger / Author

An efficient technique to building high quality backlinks is to publish guest posts on successful websites within your niche. Guest blogging can be the effective way through which the bloggers can develop links to the website which will help you get counted in the search ranking and will also improve in the traffic. There are some of the ways through which you can find blogs to submit the guest posts. 
Guest Blogging : SEO Tips - DP2Web

Guest blogging is encouraged by webmasters and bloggers for various reasons. They are as follows:
1.)   Acquiring extra blogs from external resources enables a consistent frequency of publishing when you lack the resources to do it yourself.
2.)   Exposing your audience to high-quality topics from other industry experts.
3.)   Increasing the fresh content on your site will increase the number of times the blog is indexed by search engines, leading ultimately to a higher search position for your blog.
4.)   Exposing your blog to the guest author’s fans and followers.
5.)   To be associated with established authors and increase your own author rank.
6.)   To get reciprocal links.
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Guest blogging is encouraged by webmasters and bloggers for various reasons. They are as follows:
  • Acquiring extra blogs from external resources enables a consistent frequency of publishing when you lack the resources to do it yourself.
  • Exposing your audience to high-quality topics from other industry experts.
  • Increasing the amount of fresh content on your site will increase the number of times the blog is indexed by search engines.
  • To build your Author rank and get associated with established authors.
  • Leading ultimately to a higher search position for your blog.

You can search on the Google by placing queries like “submit a guest post,” “guest author guidelines” or “guest post by” and so on. You can also make use of the Google Authorship. In case you know any blogger who writes numerous blog posts then search with their name and you will find them. You need to focus on the links on the content to include the link and should submit the original content and need to avoid posting it anywhere else.

2.    Blog Comments

Blog commenting is taken as the strongest and the most powerful variety due to various reasons which can help in the link building process. If you leave any valuable comments you will get extra attention from the owner and the author of the blog which will help you develop the relationship and you can also gain the opportunity of building links. This will automatically help you draw more traffic to your website improving the visibility and creating a huge significance in the market.

3.    Generate Unique Content

Article directories get a lot of legitimate scrutiny while using the webmasters. You can make use of the high quality editorial contributions to maintain the highest standards. With the guest blogging you can earn huge benefits than the article networks while some bloggers may find it difficult in order to score the guest post opportunities. Your quality article will definitely help you earn good quality links.
You should add some extra feature to your content rather than writing text. You can think of implementing of images and videos to make your content seem more attractive. You can make some sort of moderation that wills not anyone else to post that they want to do. Add featured authors on the home page and newsletters etc.

4.    Cross Linking in Blog (Internal Linking)

Do you know, the links within your website that you use to link your pages together (internal links) are highly beneficial? You can certainly make use of the internal links in your link building campaign and SEO. These links do matter. In the recent Penguin update we have witnessed that we are always not in favor of using the keyword anchor text. There are also other intelligent and smarter ways to follow through which do link building in the accurate manner. In case of the links that are available on your website or blog posts which leads to the authority pages are considered to be quality links. In short, it can be said that the more the number of authority pages available within the site, the more number of authority links can be developed. But, remember not to overdo it.

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Pitfalls to Avoid in a Post Penguin and Panda World by Mike Huber, Vice President of Client Services at Vertical Measures, presented as October webinar focused on internet marketing mistakes to avoid.

Small Business Link Building In A Post Panda & Penguin World

The Panda and Penguin updates have made some serious changes which have forced the webmasters to modify their strategy in order to optimize their website. This time, content is once again king, identity and trust is key, and webmasters might not want the kinds of links they used to want.
Google Panda Algorithm

The latest Google’s Panda Search algorithm which aims to promote the high quality content site by dooming the rank of low quality content sites.
It is quite visible that search engines are getting smarter and therefore, it is essential to redefine the link building strategy. Pursuing links from low quality websites is no longer the best practice today. The idea now is that if webmasters pursue links centered on an expected referral value, they will not worry about developing spammy link profiles. This is completely logical and is not nearly disputable as it may seem. However, some people would want to clarify the new link building small businesses might perceive as a detrimental way to build links.

Adopt Unique Strategy…

The truth in case of link building is that you can implement either some rarely used strategy or the wide spread strategy, but your strategy may prove to be a golden egg for one website whereas for another it can turn out to be rotten egg. Unless you know the accurate steps that needs to be followed for earning links, you would be looking for the webmaster who can sympathize with you and can put your links on their website. 

Strategies That Help You Make A Smarter Move…

In the event of the Panda and Penguin updates, it is important to dig deep into the matter to find out the common patterns that have contributed in the list of the rankings of websites. There are some of the strategies that you need to keep in mind in order to make your efforts flawless.

#1.      Recognize The Relevant Links

Shotgun approach SEO - DP2WebThe adoption of the shotgun approach will not help you survive long in the market and therefore, you need to focus on finding the link opportunities. Shotgun approach is Marketing strategy whereby (in contrast to rifle approach) the aim is to cover as wide an area or population as possible. You need to check the relevance of the link and authority. Ask yourself if at all it is possible to build the link from the targeted site that will make sense to the visitors. If the visitors are not there, then it’s useless to waste your time. 
 In essence, what the SEO collective wisdom is telling us to do is acquire links only from competitive pages, and yet linking to your competitors with anchor text relevant to their topics will only help them more than it helps you. You need to identify the feasible link opportunities before you start with your link building process.

#2.      Use Balanced Anchor Text

Balanced Anchor Text - SEO : DP2WebIt is important that about 40% of your links should always represent your brand, product, domain or URL, whereas 20% of the link should focus on the exact keywords that you are targeting. The remaining 40% will make use of any part of the keywords that is mixed with the brand name and other anchor text like “Click Here or Read More”. Excessive number of backlinks with the same anchor text or continuously using the similar anchor text may not give you the desired results. 
Home Page should have 40% Keyword Anchor text (and Latent Semantic Indexing) and 60%, Brand name, click here, the most important backlinks to the internal pages.

#3.      Avoid Buying links for Link Building

Applying any kind of strategy which can help you achieve thousands of links in a shorter span of time may appear to be suspicious to the Google. It is an illegal link building method if used to optimise your website. It is clear in Google's guidelines and if you are found to be in breach, your site could lose ranking or could even be barred from Google altogether!
The only authentic way through which you can expect to receive massive links in the shortest time is with the use of viral content and it is the only way through which you can keep the position of the website intact. Paid links might drive some traffic, but that will be always low-quality traffic compared to natural links.

#4.      Analyze Your Competitor’s Links

Competitor Analysis : SEO - DP2WebAre you coping everything that your competitors are doing? Competitor link analysis is much more than finding out who’s linking to your competitors and getting them to link to you. There is a huge amount of useful information you can grab if you just take the time to research carefully. But, It is important to create your own identity and take the best from the competitors to improvise it and implement in your strategy. You need to take a minute to look at the link profile of your competitor in order to get an idea. Word Tracker, SEOMoz (Open Site Explorer), Link Diagnosis & Majestic SEO are great tools to look into you competitor’s link profile. You should think strategically to stand out from the crowd.

#5.      Emphasis on Building Relationships

It is the best tactic that you can adopt in order to find the best and relevant links for your website. It is true of the relationships that happen in the real world. You need to attend different conferences, seminars or meetups which can improve the chance of finding the people of your own industry and then you can automatically create a platform through which you can build up the valuable network. You should focus on developing real relationships in the initial stage, rather than concentrating on the links. It can always be effective to keep the business cards to keep in touch with the person.

#6.      Dofollow VS Nofollow

dofollow VS Nofollow : SEO - DP2WebYou will come across with every website that contains nofollow and dofollow links. There are some people around who are highly concerned about the number of such links, but there is no such ratio that you need to maintain on the site. When a site page gets an Dofollow inbound link, which is a hyperlink pointing to that page, the page gets a small SEO boost where as No Follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the Search Engine Result Pages (or SERPs). If you are having these links in a proportionate amount then you can certainly keep the spam sites far away and you will definitely gain the higher page rank while improving the amount of visitors to your website.

#7.      Branded Link

SEO Tips : DP2WebGoogle has its own metrics in order to understand the quality of the link and therefore, it is essential to have links that are branded and highly authentic. It needs to be branded not only on the homepage, but also on other pages. These links turn out to be highly beneficial for the website and it can certainly contribute in the higher ranking of the page. It would be always great to have link for Tech crunch, BBC, or Wikipedia on website.

#8.  Directory Submission

Though, it was once considered to be an effective way of generating traffic and ensure the presence of the business in the market, but in the present time it has lost its importance. Google has penalized most of the directories and so there is no use of spending the valuable time in the process of directory submission. However, you can still come across with some directories that are prevalent (like Bing, dmoz, Yahoo! Directory, Google Webmaster) and you can consider submitting the articles on the site that are of the niche and you can expect to get a small boost in ranking.